The Ride

Find your center

Grab hold of

your inner balance

work on your steering

in your desired direction

Plug yourself into mindfulness.

Know you can do it

with drive, determination and hard work.

Remain steadfast in your vision.

Push through the resistance.

Don't let those voices tell you

that you can't

Because you can, and you will!

Avoid all short cuts

for taking the long way to your destination

makes the journey far more sweet.

Though the wind's gust will try to blow you over,

remember to be brave

remember to be bold.

This is your reference point

to return to again and again.

The sounds around your head will be noisy, distracting

Stay focused on your projected outlook

Try to ride the straight line

without veering too far

out of your way.

Find your balance.

Don't be hard on yourself

if you lose your way.

It happens to the best of us.

Never give up on

fulfilling your mission.

Return to your base

as a reminder of

why you started this trip

in the first place.

Where are you going to?

What you're looking for, you will find when you get there.

Connect with your ideas of what could be--

if you only take the ride.

Ignore self-doubt

for it will blind you and rob you

of seeing your true potential.

If you fall into a ditch

and you're stuck,

get unstuck

Pull yourself out with all your might.

keep moving.

Go forward.

Look forward,

but also look around you.

There will be obstacles on your course

Prepare for it.

so when you find them,

you won't be surprised.

You'll be ready.

Ready to move around them, above them

below them

or even

avoid them all together.

When you lose your center

you're wasting energy

and your thoughts

lose their purposeful momentum.

Stay on track

Once you realize you can do it

you figure out that it's not as hard as

you thought it would be.

All those thoughts that told you

that you "can't",

tell them to "take a hike"!

You are on your way;

You can travel

where ever you want.

Speed up

Speed down.

Either way,

you're moving forward.

Keep moving forward,

and don't look back.

the ride

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