Sitting In The Shade

When you want to consciously detach from a person, place  thing or thought but are having a hard time doing so, try this mental exercise.  Imagine a plant that you have tended to, one to which you’ve given the water and sunlight it needed to thrive. You now discover that this plant was not going to thrive in your house because it was intended to be somebody else’s.  


Now we are going to switch gears. It’s time to starve the plant of all of its necessities for sustaining life.  No water. No sunlight. No love. No attention.  

Although it feels counter-intuitive, just go with it.  Step into a new way of way of using your imagination.  Visualize the plant you once nurtured—now a plant of neglect.  Watch the leave drying, shriveling, falling down to the floor, and cracking into tiny pieces.  The leaves are so light and small that fly away with the flow of the air. You look at your planter and see just dirt. No plant.  All the stems have withered and shrunk back and collapsed into nothingness.  

dying plant

This unwanted plant can be compared to:

    -Less than desired behaviors attached to the       wrong priorities
    -Remaining in a toxic relationship
    -Staying in an unfulfilling job
    -Even an addictive way of thinking

The longer you continue to repeat old habits, the harder it is to break them. The sooner you find the strength to make a real change, the closer you are to self-actualization.

Take some time out to examine your back story:  what got you in this situation in the first place…dig deep…face some of the darker parts of your mind without judgement.  Consider what keeps you in a place in your life you know doesn’t reflect your authenticity.  Create a vision of the kind of life you know reflects your divine purpose.  Connect with that.  Shift your awareness to nurturing your transformation.  

In your mind’s eye, you can visualize the planter without any plant remnants.  Is there any reason to? No, because the plant is gone.  This visual image is no longer a concern to you.

What is no longer there no longer needs tending to.

It’s time to move forward to cultivating more vibrant landscapes of your imagination that grow flowers and not weeds. 

In the words of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, “Where your thoughts go, your energy goes.”

Where do YOU want to put your energy today?

There is a seed inside of each and every one of us just waiting to be fed love, compassion, kindness, and wisdom.  

Give the seed of LOVE within YOURSELF what it needs, and watch it grow!!


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