Resolving Workplace Dilemmas

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Located out of West Bloomfield, MI, I provide in-person and online appointments to Northville, Novi, Livonia, Plymouth, and Canton Michigan.

Workplace conflict can bring up a host of psychological and personal problems such as: feelings of anxiety and depression, feelings of inadequacy, fear of failure, interpersonal conflict, and job dissatisfaction. In order to work through these challenges, it is important to work on improving your self-confidence. To build self-confidence, you need to be able to take a good look in the mirror, and see yourself for who you really are, not somebody you think you should be. Recognize your talents, passions, and amazing qualities you bring to your workplace. Maximize your strengths, and learn and grow from your weaknesses. Letting your workplace problems dominate your thinking resulting in anxiety or low morale is only going to not serve you a greater purpose. Think decisively, be observant, ask questions, connect with trusted allies, learn from mentors, and be tactical on how to implement a strategy to get what you really want out of your job. First, allow your experience to be your best teacher. Once you can prove to yourself that you are capable, don’t cut yourself short or doubt your abilities when you are fulfilling a task you are now familiar with. Second guessing yourself will hold you back, bring you down, and interfere with your goal setting.

Workplace dilemmas have been occurring for as long as remember. The nature of problems which occur today are constantly in a state of change, making it more complicated to problem solve. Nonetheless, you can solve any issue you wish if you apply the right strategy for you. Find people to talk to, ask questions, and network. Keep your allies close to you, and most importantly, if you are not sure of how to proceed, give yourself enough time to make a well thought out decision based on knowledge, experience, and feedback.

Know when to recognize if you are being disrespected, harassed, bullied or ignored in the workplace. Know when and how to get help to mobilize and react effectively to the dilemma. Know when to act, or hold off on acting. Know when to speak up, and when to keep your information to yourself. There are lots of choices here, but with being introspective, you will create a plan to place yourself in a more advantageous and advanced position.  You can resolve workplace dilemmas by being proactive, determined and advocating for yourself.

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For more information about workplace dilemmas, you can reach out to Rebecca Hayman by calling 248-459-9191.

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