Perseverance During Challenging Times


This COVID-19 Pandemic is like a storm that we all have to ride out.  We are trying to survive everyday by doing what’s necessary such as staying indoors.  Although thinking about this can be overwhelming, intuitively we know we have to be patient and wait for the worst to pass. We are now in a position to find a way to cope with pragmatic ways.  We are forced to practice patience and stillness, or tap into our intuition to know when to the time is right to take action.  

Staying home allows us to gain deeper insight into our problems, and potentially create more viable solutions.  This is a time to go inward and self- reflect on who we really are and to go in the direction of our true purpose. This is a reality check for all to recognize that everything doesn’t always go as planned.  Taking life as it comes, we are vulnerable to forces of nature we cannot control. 

What we can control is developing adaptability to the rapid changes occurring.  We can choose to become more flexible thinkers and doers. Even when others are in a state of panic, we can choose to stay calm under pressure.  


Shifting Your Attention to What You Can Control…Choose Your Challenge

*Get focused on your vision. 

*Compartmentalize from  your pressures from the outside.  

*Reinforcing your discipline makes you stronger, self-empowered, and enhances your purpose.

*Stretch your comfort zone, move beyond limiting beliefs of what you’re capable of.  

*A sense of accomplishment when completing a project brings tremendous pride and satisfaction.

*Share your story of success with others who will appreciate what you have created.  

*Reflect back on your efforts, and energy exerted that led you to your outcome.  

*Deflect off of the heaviness of it all…taking a break from your thoughts is healthy.

*Keep your brain sharp, your body in shape and your spirit full.  


There’s no question that these are frustrating and difficult times.  All of the information coming at us causes confusion and anxiety. Yet, we can rise above all of this. We can if we put our minds to it.  If we look at the difficulties for what they really are and face them head on, we explore our choices.  We can choose to remain stifled or scared, or refresh our perspective and choose to be focused and strong.  As painful as that may sound, taking even small steps towards reaching your goals can be a big victory.

I challenge you to create a new challenge today.  This challenge could also include expanding on a goal you’ve already established, and taking it to the next level.  You might be grimacing or sighing at this moment saying to yourself, “Easy for you to say, hard for me to do.” Or “I’m “challenged out”; my energy levels are low.” Or “I can’t think of anything else to do; I’m limited with staying at home.” OK, I get it.  Now, here’s your exercise that you can do without leaving your home, and it doesn’t cost anything.  

You can choose a “Mini” or a “Mega” Challenge. What might be mini for some could be mega for others, and visa versa.  Here are some categories to consider:

d Physical:

Mini Challenge:  For 5-10 minutes, try stretching your arms, and legs. Roll your wrists, and ankles and neck in clockwise and counter clockwise directions.  There are some great stretching techniques available on YouTube.

Mega Challenge: For 20-30 minutes:  Do these exercises (3 minutes each) in this order and repeat this sequence to your comfort level. 1) Running in place 2) Jumping Jacks 3) Sit-ups 4) Push-ups 5) Squats

*To help you get moving, read my previously written blog on the website under the category “Meditations”: titled:  “Actions First, Feelings Second”.  



Mini Challenge:  Look out the window, and notice what sensations come up for you without judgement:  are you feeling anxious or calm; angry or peaceful; tense or relaxed; resentful or forgiving; moody or stable…whatever you are observing, know that all of these emotions are allowed, and feeling in a normal part of being human.  

Mega Challenge: Instead of look out, look within. Take a closer look at how you are feeling today.  Are you experiencing frustration, fear, sadness, impatience, numbness; avoidance; projecting insecurities on others.  Today is the day to take accountability for managing these feelings in healthier and more appropriate ways.

*Read my previously written blogs on this website titled: “Acknowledging What is Real” and “Depression and Anxiety ; Flip sides of the Same Coin” to help you become more comfortably acquainted with your range of feelings.


Mini Challenge: Today, be mindful of how you communicate with others.  Practice empathy, compassion and selflessness to everyone you speak to without expecting anything in return.

Mega Challenge: Grab a blank piece of paper, or a notebook, or better yet, a writing journal, and practice mindfulness about how you can explore how to be more emphatic, compassionate and self-loving towards yourself.  Create an internal dialogue with yourself while you build a strong foundation of being kind, friendly, and forgiving to yourself. You deserve to give yourself permission, even if it’s not second nature, to bring your attention to caring for your psychological needs that may be overlooked. Count your blessings, and be grateful for what good already exists in your life.  Accept what is, instead of seeing things how you think it should be.



Mini Challenge: if you believe in a higher power, whatever that is, regardless of your religion or spiritual beliefs…Pray (if you prefer meditate, then meditate)….pray for being blessed that your existence is sustained…that you are safe staying home…pray for those who are suffering with COVID-19 in the hospitals and at home: Pray for their healing…Pray for the mourners of those who have died...Pray for the caregivers at home nourishing the sick...Pray for the front line heroes…the nurses, doctors, the pharmacists,  grocery store and restaurant  employees, delivery employees…Pray for their continued strength and safety. 

Mega Challenge: Close your eyes, let go of any distractions or thought patterns you’re stuck in and pray or meditate on….COVID-19 going away for good.  Use every bit of spiritual energy to imagine…this invisible virus consolidating from all over the world in the middle of the sky..almost like creating a wind tunnel swirling and getting sucked into a massive red balloon. The balloon is now being lifted higher and higher into the sky…you can still be a glimmer of the balloon… floating higher and higher…until you can no longer see it…as it gets absorbed by the cosmos…far away from human civilization.  Imagine freedom…glorious freedom from all of this chaos. If we all pray on this, perhaps our collective energy could help obliterate this evil virus.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. -Winston Churchill

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