Part Of Growing Up Is Part Three

#3 Part of Growing Up is knowing that we are going to make mistakes.
It is our mistakes we make that we learn from can turn out to be our greatest teachers.  The lessons we learn from our regrets, disappointment, and misfires are what help shape us into the people we are today.  Our mistakes plant the seeds of insight which fertilize the growth of our internal wisdom.  We receive the gifts of “aha moments” when we self reflect on what went wrong.  We can connect the dots, and discover how to make things right in the future.  We get a more distinctive preference of what we want and what we don’t want based on past mistakes we have made.  This transformation we go through from putting together the pieces of our lives is exactly what allows us to pay it forward to others who have not yet walked in our footsteps.  We can help others become more aware of the choices they have.  Assisting others to avoid pitfalls makes us feel better that our past mistakes were not made in vain.  The mistake, itself,  is not a means to an end.  Rather, a personal, and autobiagraphical point of reference that is revisited time and time again.  Once a mistake has been made, it's in the past.  We can't undo our errors, but we can mindfully correct them.

We admit to ourselves we were wrong,
we acknowledge the impact of our actions,
we reflect and gain insight, and figure out a better way to deal with things.
Sharing our life experiences, both good and bad, allows others to be educated and empowered.
We convert our shame and remorse
into a place of hightened awaremess,
with a sharper mind,
more confidence and direction,
abiltity to face stress and conquer it,
identify problems and effectively solve them,
we become more adaptable once we've learned from our mistakes.
“Explore the untapped potential of your unlimited capabilities”-RH


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