Obligation Means Commitment


Don’t be the nautical captain who escapes from his sinking ship on the first rescue boat. The passengers on his ship are counting on him to provide enough rescue boats, and staff assistance in case of a maritime disaster. The passengers enter the ship with the trust that they are protected and safe during their voyage. It is tragic when the captain who has ultimate responsibility for the ship and its passengers would be the first person to jump ship leaving everyone to scramble and survive.

Like the captain of the ship, we have the responsibility to navigate our lives with alertness and long-term vision. Throughout the life cycle, we are all likely to experience some level of disappointment from another person’s inability to follow through. We as human beings are striving for improvement in keeping our word, yet we can also be flawed in this area as well. As adults, our bodies may be fully developed, but our minds never stop growing. When we watch kids grow up to be adults, we can see their physical growth. It’s much harder to grasp the magnitude of how the mind continues to evolve over time.

We can embrace our commitment to work on our weaknesses, and try to get stronger in spite of how we perceive our limitations. A prime example of a weakness could be the challenge of fulfilling obligations that we have already committed to. Failure to keep promises to ourselves and others lead to inevitable (yet avoidable) disappointment, depression and anxiety. Consider how our actions have a direct impact on those around us. Take time to reflect where those pitfalls in your life show up that cause you unneeded suffering. Imagine removing those distractions, using higher judgement, and simplifying your life.


                  As we build empathy for others with life experience, we can utilize that sensitivity in more thoughtful ways.

Some suggestions:

*Forgiveness allows the release of anger

*Successful anger management clears the mind from emotional heaviness

*A mind that is free of negative thoughts leads to better decision making

*Know that others are counting on you

*Give yourself permission to be proud of your accomplishments

*Take an inventory of how your hard work is paying off in different areas of your life

*Create genuine intentions about improving your fulfillment of your obligations

*Set healthy goals, and adhere to the objectives to reach those goals

*Practice and model kindness and respect to others

*Try your best




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