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Mom can instill confidence in her daughter as early as the very beginning of her creation.  It has been proven scientifically fetuses can feel the anxiety or anger while in utero in her mother’s womb.  Mom can be the model of self-love, and unconditional love for her daughter to watch and mirror over time.  Even before a female toddler can talk, she is more aware of what is going on around her than she gets credit for.  If mom is feeling off center, and downtrodden, daughter will see this and internalize a message that that is how she should be too.

Building confidence in our daughters starts with moms creating a more realistic body image and self-supported thoughts about their body shape.  When mom “gets it” that the expectations of how girls should look in order to be “attractive” in society are unattainable, she can raise her daughter with better guidance on how to properly care for herself, mind and body.

Young women are empowered when they can learn from a strong female role model who is grounded in her belief system.  We need to teach our daughters that looks are only window dressing.  It is underneath our outer appearance that holds our inner spirit, soul and essence.   Moms need to be extra loving to their daughters, so that their daughters grow up to be loving women to themselves, and the ones they love.

Today’s changing world brings forth a new generation of people who will not be able to rely only on physical appearance in order to effectively compete in society.  Young women today need to prepare for their futures as adults with careers, families and responsibilities while developing thier inner confidence.  When young women can start believing in themselves, and be aligned with their core values, they will be more capable of surviving and thriving throughout the life cycle.

Remember to let your daughter know that:

*You love her.
*She is sweet, smart and kind.
*She is important.
*She is beautiful from that inside out.
*She can get rid of her anger through exercise that she enjoys.
*She can say, “No.”
*She’s not alone.
*She can heal from her emotional pain.
*She is strong.
*She can love her body.
*She knows just what her body needs to make it healthy.
*She can empower herself with knowledge.
*She can use this knowledge to make educated choices.

So now we take these words we say to our daughters with love…..and we remember to affirm to ourselves the same truths.

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