Make That Change

Let your passion drive your action.

When do you give yourself the chance to look within and observe how you live your life?

Do your daily behaviors represent your values you uphold so dearly?

Do you truly feel  you're living a purpose-driven life?

Are you fulfilling YOUR purpose?

The further your actions are from your core values, the less centered you are.

The closer your actions are to your core values, the more centered you are.

To find that place of authenticity,

explore your true feelings;

measure up  your standards;

and strongly reconsider your expectations.

Build insightfulness by taking a step-by-step appoach.

Start small, and simple-  and build up your knowledge with ease and self-care.

Empower... Inspire...Nurture.

Germinate your fertile ground of understanding.

Faithfully prepare for emotional growth.

Think intently about what you prioritize in life.

Stay focused on what you are observing within yourself.

What is coming up for you?

How great is your need for change ?

In order to create real change, your need for change has to be greater than the need to stay the same . What will give you leverage to ignite that motivation you’re searching for?Allow the answers to your own questions be revealed. Use your ingenuity  to create a reward you’re striving towards. What will you gain if you get your reward, and what will you lose if you don't go for it?

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