Its Not Up To You

It's  not  up  to  you
If  I  have a  good  day  or  bad day.
It's not up to you if I will  be in a good mood, or bad mood.
It's not up to you How I will feel  about myself, or how I choose to identify.
It's  not  up  to  you  what  category,  or  label  I  fall  into. It's  not  up  to  you  to  give  me  the  handbook,
Your  handbook  and  tell  me  that's  how  to  live?

It's not up to you to appoint yourself as  the master of the universe.
Who died and made you Musilini??
Who tells me the sky is green and  the  grass  is blue,
and  you expect me to believe that?
Who tells me it's nighttime, and the light in shining outside my kitchen window?
Do you expect  me to believe that?

My divine rights are joy, peace of mind, and Dignity.
It's not up to you to dictate whether I get  to have  it, or that you think you can have the audacity to take it away??
It's not  up  to  you  to  tell  me
where  I've  been or where I'm going. What I should look like,
and how should I  shape  myself.
It's  up  to  my  Higher  Power  to  tell  me.
It's  up  to  the  Law  of  the  Land  to  tell  me.
It's  up  to  my  teachers and mentors to  tell  me.
It's up to the governing bodies of our nation to tell me.
It's up to ME to tell  me: the  dreams I've created,

the hopes and wishes that my future holds for me. Its  up to me to be happy   today,
and not  have to  wait for  something Bigger ,
or Greater to happen in order to achieve true JOY.
It's up to me to make the educated choices,
based on the vigilant observations of the environment around me,
and collected accurate data
which shows consistent patterns of behavior which  guides  me  to  make my  own decisions.

Its  up to ME ,
to "change that tape", and decide TODAY
to break old patterns which no longer work in my favor,
and choose the NEW .

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