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Have you ever lost sight of how special you are after experiencing rejection?  It’s easy to suffer from low elf-esteem when engaging in overanalyzing what has gone wrong.  This type of self-defeating thinking can make you wind up on the “ discount rack” which is a symbolism for underestimating your awesome qualities.  Whether you’re second guessing yourself in a working scenario, or feeling insecure in an interpersonal relationship, psychologically pushing yourself is debilitating .  When you degrade what you have to offer, you are symbolically putting yourself on sale.

Instead of thinking you’d be lonely if you don’t win the love of a “good catch”, or acquire that job promotion you’ve been hoping for, reverse your thinking. Put yourself on a pedestal.  Celebrate your authenticity, and stride with confidence.  Think of all the times throughout yourself when you’ve triumphed over tragedy, or felt tremendous self-pride for an accomplishment you never thought you could reach.  Take hold of your strengths, and memories of your successes.  Give yourself the credit you deserve to improve your self-concept, as well the permission to set higher standards for yourself of how you’d like to be treated.
It’s never too late to start loving yourself.
Realize that you are getting distracted from acknowledging what divine gifts you were born with…. resilience, inner wisdom, creativity…and many, many more.  You could fulfill your inner calling by embracing these innate qualities.  Whenever you rush into some action that stems from an idea you’ve had, you can get trapped into a limited way of thinking.  You get so attached to this idea, and think,  “this is the way it has to be”.    Open your mind to the flexible nature of choices that are all around you just waiting to be applied to your life to bring immediate improvement to your situation.  Your gut instincts are also your inner voice.  Listen to it.  It’s telling you to be the best that you can be.
Baby, you’re not only full price, you are a limited edition!

*This writing piece comes from my self-published book, “Alphabet Advice for Adults” available for purchase on this website or Amazon. You are reading from the “D” section of the book, and as you can see the words that start with the letter “d” are in bold.
May this writing sample give you inspiration, reassurance and healing. 

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