Detach from Negativity

Detach From What is No Longer Needed


You don’t have to find the solution right this second.


Just know that things will get better in time. 

Acknowledge where you are at in your discontentment.

Face your conflict straight on—

Have the courage to hold it,

Until its ready to be let go.

We tend to need instant gratification,

And want to get the answers right away.


We know all too well this doesn’t always happen.

One step at a time, tackle your dilemma.  

Sooner or later,

You will get to where you need to be.

Require nothing except what is there.

Be patient.

Take a deep breath.


Give yourself permission to be happy for no reason at all.

Why wait for happiness?

Do we need to get richer, smarter and more famous to be happy?  Can we be happy today just because? 


After all, who dictates our happiness?

Who is in charge of making our decisions?

Who writes the handbook of societal norms?

We tend to fall into the trap of believing what we’re seeing.

Why should we let others affect our mental well-being?

We can’t depend on others to bring us up.

We can’t allow others to bring us down.

We habitually put ourselves down whether we like it or not.

We don’t need to be that way anymore.

The thing we may regret most

At the end of our lives is

Not choosing to be happier

When we had the chance.

Be happy doing absolutely nothing!


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