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Located out of West Bloomfield, MI, I provide in-person and online appointments to Northville, Novi, Livonia, Plymouth, and Canton Michigan.

Fighting depression can feel like an uphill daily battle for many people. Like a diabetic requiring insulin as a prescription for disease management, thinking optimistically so too needs to be the prescription for emotional well-being. Knowing this guideline will assist you to think more clearly on how to make better decisions to improve your state of mind.

Depression reduction takes consistent commitment and becomes an instrumental part of a “healthy-thinking” life style. This means cleaning out daily “trash” in your mind- all the negative cyclical thought patterns which have an interesting way of spinning out of control if we let it. You can access your divine right to embrace the conscious choice of emotional, psychological and spiritual peacefulness. When you take the time to self-reflect, we decide to release ourselves from the negative thoughts we tell ourselves. These thoughts we create significantly contribute to chronic and residual depression can become overwhelming to the point that it becomes difficult function productively in any or all areas (such as work efficacy, or ability to maintain intimate relationship with a significant other).

Before action usually a thought is first created. One way of overcoming depression is taking the order of: doing first, and thinking feeling second. For example, when a person is dreading to workout at the gym but goes anyway to exercise, that person will feel refreshed and glad she did. Then this person will connect the positive benefit to the activity, and reinforce this connection over and over again. Eventually, the brain will make the association that working out is beneficial recalling the fowling of pride of finished a task, and then exercise becomes more motivating, more desirable, and gets incorporated into that person’s life style.

The only way to find out if this strategy will work for you is to try it! Give yourself enough time, and patience to see it through. 

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression or the symptoms of depression, you can contact Rebecca Hayman at 248-459-9191.

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