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If you want to create a movement or an energy flow or momentum resulting from an effort, it begins with one voice. If that one voice stands alone, it is better than that one voice never being heard. It only takes one voice to initiate the dream of a new movement. But, one voice is not enough. This one voice needs to be heard, and if that one voice is not successful in influencing others, then the ultimate movement cannot be manifested. It takes a group to create this energy. Yet, this energy movement begins with one voice.

If you believe in the possibilities of making movement, preserve and nurture the collective accumulation of what has already been created.

The energy you share can be used for the greater good of humanity, or it can be used to senselessly destroy.
Each and every one of us is born with the capacity to be good or evil. Make a conscious choice to access your higher judgement; your logical reasoning to create a more practical way of living. When we can acknowledge the love, kindness and compassion within ourselves, we lean towards the tendency to choose good. Acknowledging your inner love, kindness and compassion will allow you to genuinely share love, kindness and compassion with others. Each act of kindness, beginning with one person at a time, generates greater peace in the world.

Spread your healing energy as an example for others to follow. Create momentum while sustaining your vision of your dream.
When our efforts are not seeming to result in what we think we desire, know your truth. Take your dreams and redirect your energy into a space that embraces your message.

There are four laws of Karma: What you put in you get out. What you don’t put in you don’t get out. Karma is always expanding. Karma is continuous. Mother Theresa in her poem, “Anyway” writes about a message that even if what you do today is forgotten tomorrow, do anyway….what you’ve spend years building is destroyed overnight, build anyway. Her final thought was to emphasize the importance of the promise you make to yourself and your higher power to do good in the world is more important than how others appreciate your acts of kindness.

Honor your voice. Celebrate your purpose. Choose positive energy to spread.

An example of how one energy source can attract multiple sources of energy and behave synergistically, are schools of fish. There is a term called “entrainment” which means organically synchronizing without effort. Schools of fish swim together from entrainment. One starts, the others join, without overthinking who leads or who follows. They travel together in harmony.

Some examples of multiplied energy:

marching people

*Two minds are better than one.

*A petition signed by many makes an impact.

*“Safety in numbers”: finding protection from potential danger.

*Women’s solidarity marches: many voices heard at the same time.

*The right to vote and choose a political leader along with the rest of the voters.

*Praying in a public place of worship.

*Practicing yoga with other participants.

*Thousands of lights flickering from audience members at a music concert.

*A flock of birds forming a “V” in the sky.

There is power and influence in numbers. The question is what kind of power and influence do YOU want to manifest in this world? You have free will to evaluate how you are going to use your energy to make the world a better place.

Think of the W’s, as you explore what your purpose is in making a lasting and meaningful contribution to the human race.

What drives you? What moves you? What stirs you? Why is this important to you? Who are the groups of people you would like to influence? Where would you want to make a difference? How will you be able to manifest your purpose in this lifetime?

Watching a news report recently stirred something inside of me to want to write this blog. It’s a story about a high school in Fruitport, Michigan being rebuilt to make it more difficult for gunmen to kill students in potential mass shootings. The school, Fruitport High School, if the first school in America to be rebuilt with concrete barriers in hallways to hide from bullets.
This movement started with one voice, the superintendent, Bob Szymoniak, and his strong determination to start a new movement. Mr. Szymoniak did not ever consider failure as an option, and spread his message effectively with school staff, and administration and students. There is a palpable collective energy amongst the students at Fruitport H.S. that promotes love, compassion and kindness.

Perhaps even with me sharing this one voice and reaching out could help others begin how to imagine creating a new movement in today’s everchanging world.

Find your voice and be heard.

Like the song goes, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine. Let it shine.”

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