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How old do we need to be before we stop caring about what people think of us?  I’ve heard age 40 was a popular number, but I’m sure there’s not a magic number that we can say for sure.  I’ve also heard statements like, “When you get older, you don’t have as time to waste to wonder what others think of you.”  Or “As long as you know you are authentic in the way to believe, that’s all that matters.  There’s no need to prove to others what you know is your own truth.” Or “Nobody goes home and thinks constantly about you. They are more concerned about themselves, and their own lives.” Or “Everyone is their own worst critic.”  Or “At the end of the day, does it really matter what people think of you?” Here’s one more.  “You’re too sensitive.  Stop taking things so personally.”

After all, you are you, and others are …not you.
Honor who you are…your belief system…core-values….standards….character…

“Why allow others to bring out the worst in you, when you can bring out the best in yourself?”

In other words, instead of getting lured in to someone else’s web of manipulation, set a firm boundary. Individuate. Honor yourself; honor your divine rights to personal dignity, privacy, emotional and physical security.  Do your personal best. Come from a place of genuine intention.  Practice daily doses of empathy.  Be accountable of how you treat others.  Be mindful of your obligations.  Plug yourself into reality.  Avoid second-guessing yourself.  Don’t let others tear down your self-esteem.  Don’t give up on your dreams.

The more we give into listening to rumors, untruths, gossip, hearsay, unnecessary judgment from others, the more we let others win.

This is your life you’re living.  Noone can live your life for you. It is yours to manage.  Manage it well.  We give away our personal power when our gullability makes us believe someone else’s opinion.  It’s up to you to gather as much factual information as possible, make an educated guess on what the situation might be, and move on! It’s not worth your time playing an endless guessing game trying to figure out how to solve problems that are way beyond your control.

One more important point:  think of your own personal reaction.  Consider how strongly your subjective interpretation of your life experiences affects your emotions.   Explore how your past experiences have impacted how you think or believe.  How you are thinking and feeling strongly affects your perception.  Perceptions are based on thoughts that are self-created in your mind.  Any or every thought in your mind can be changed, revised, deleted, reversed, or on the other hand, enhanced, reinforced, and validated.  You have free will to decide how you think, and how you feel.  Finally, examine whether your current thought patterns and belief systems need some tweaking.  It’s never too late to replace unproductive  behaviors and attitudes with a healthier mindset open to new ideas.

Try this fill in the blank exercise :

Take a moment, and as yourself,

“Why let _________________________________ allow me to bring out the worst in me, when I could be bringing out the best in myself?”

*What comes up for you?

*A person, place, thing, knowledge, observation(s), situation, condition, behavior, relationship, job, feeling, thought, habit, etc.?

*How do you imagine bringing out the best in yourself?

*What does that look like?

*Connect with your authenticity.

Quality of life is the ultimate goal for each and every one of us.

Don’t let anyone or anything rob you of your inner joy.

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