The Breath Of Life

This breath of life

Inside of me

After all this time

Is alive and well.

I get a feeling to rise up

Like the ancient legend

Of the Magical Phoenix

Out of the ashes

Surpassing through the thick layers of

the dissipating dust.

I Rise

Above and beyond

My circumstances.

Where do I go from here?


I know it’s up and out there

Out of the dark

Out of this crawl space

And into the precious mundane

Ordinary existence.

With a clear mind and clear conscience,

There’s an open space inviting me

To feel it’s ok to be free

To be myself

And to let go

Of any fears

Which no longer matter.

I see the flecks of speckling cloudy floating dirt

Spreading into the atmosphere

It falls and flows down

As I rise up.

My limbs limber and loose

Relaxed, flexible, energized

My heart is pumping

My heart feels joy, happiness and peace.

My chest expanding with warmth,

Facing up towards the sky.

I see the radiant horizon

Remaining moments of receding sunlight

Ready for its  nightly slumber

I pull myself up

I brush myself off

I lick my wounds

I fight the resistance

To curl up,

To crumble or

wither away.

My life is special and important!

I am special and important!

Steadily gaining

composure, clarity and calm

just like

Like the graceful Phoenix,

Brought back to life

With the greatest strength it’s ever known.

Inspired by this image of bravery,

I rise up, but first

Touch down

Onto the earth that grounds me.

Achieving the momentum

To spring up

With sheer will power to

Defy gravity.

And move up into

A more comfortable place

That is loving, kind and protective.

I move away

from repeating the same mistakes.

I Move on

So I can

Move forward

In my process of

Spiritual Growth.

At this present moment,

My body, mind and soul

Are in full harmony

With the earth and sky--

embracing this gift of peace and healing.

I will take this love and carry it with me.

The heaviness of stress and worry

Effortlessly lift off my shoulders.

I feel lighter




No longer weighed down

by the burden

Of guilt, misperception, and self-doubt.

My inner strength is

Acting like a messenger.

It’s telling me to honor

My newfound appreciation for inner-






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