Reinventing Ourselves

2015 is the year of reinventing ourselves.   Have you ever envisioned a perfect plan only to realize that it's just not in the cards?  We tend to get too attached to what we think is our top priority.  When we create an open space in our minds and thinking to create some latitude, it gives us the choice to more freely change our priorities to best serve us.   There is a balance between getting too attached to an idea and being completely detached.   When we set realistic expectations, we are more resilient to to adapt to change.

Accepting the results of our plan is very healthy.   We must find the stamina to move on which seems to be the way to go these days.   Merge forward in your life with creative energy and gusto that you've never had before.   Don't be afraid to go back to the drawing board and begin anew.   You are replacing an old plan with a better one now.  If we remain stuck in the old ways of thinking with minimal possibilities, we are wasting time on making our clean slate to start over again.  Once you can get unstuck  from a place where you keep going back to a well you think has water but continually is dry, you set yourself up tremendous disappointment.  If you keep traveling on your path, you will find that there is greater abundance out there.  Position yourself into a mindset of fresh possibilities.   End the guilt trips you take, the pointless self-criticism,  and take the blinders off to see your potential.  Your potential is all that great stuff that's inside of you waiting to be discovered, waiting to come out, waiting to be called.   Be open to the redirection of energy, and you'll instantly rejuvenate with a well needed reason to feel excited and driven again.   Create your open space with latitude to input new information, and see it through.

A new plan will give you the relief from disappointment, and a good reason to switch gears to press forward and achieve new  accomplishments.  A new plan is your "hook to hang your hat on".   When you see the results from your new plan, you can surrender discouragement from your past.   Refresh yourself with encouragement  which comes from within. It can be intimidating  to venture out into a way of thinking that is not familiar.   Fear will only hold you back, distract you and delay your ultimate success.  Whether or not your new plan brings you the desired results you are looking for, this is not as relevant as making your conscious choice to be out with the old and in with the new.   You will know when the time is right to make that change to revise your priorities and transform your life.  I wrote a poem to help others see the beauty of moving on, and making change when things don't work out.   When we lose something, it is to our advantage to replace that empty space with something else that will help us  stay positive and productive.   This way, you are not left empty-handed.

Just as I had hope
And hope was lost
I remember a time of enlightment when hope was real
Hoping for a day
When my hope comes to fruition
Just as I had a dream
I walked away from a dream
And woke up to reality
The dream is lost
I will dream
I will dream again
There will be a time again
When I will dream
Dreaming of a day
To make new dreams


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