Questioning The Status Quo

thinking Instead of asking the question, “How hard has this problem been on me?” inquire: “How hard am I making this on myself?”

Here’s another question to reflect on….

“How is my problem taking control of my life?” Or you could look at it another way and ask, “How can I take control of my problem so my life can get better?”

Remember if it’s between you and the problem, never let the problem win.  YOU have the power of finding a healthy way of coping with the issue.  Your quality of life warrants your attention.


If you feel stuck in a quandary, and you’re unsure of how to proceed, STOP what you’re doing!  Don’t take immediate action if you don’t have to.  Make a list of the benefits and risks of the direction you’re heading in.  Clear your mind so you can access your logical reasoning, and consider the cause and effect of your actions.  Ask some trusted friends for advice.  Wait a few days to think it over.  Then decide what to do.  Giving yourself time to evaluate your options will work to your advantage.



Think of this acronym:


S is for Stop

T is for taking time out

O is to observe

P is to proceed


Whether you, or someone you know may be dealing with the need better manage:

Depression, anxiety, anger, relationships, work, and life in general.  Retaining these techniques and applying these principles in your daily living will surely bring greater inner peace to your life and the lives of others around you.

Yes, easier said than done.  With practice, repetition, and consistency, old habits CAN be broken!

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