Part Of Growing Up Is Part One


#1  Part of Growing Up is Knowing that.....Not Everyone is Going To Like You.

It's the truth.   You can’t win them all, but you can certainly be well liked by most.  There are many people who are in your corner. You just have to recognize and appreciate them.  These are the people who are loyal, and believe in you. We tend to take those who have stuck by our side for granted.  Our mistake is that when we seek attention from those who are not able to give it to us, we set ourselves up for dissapointment.  It's time to shift gears,  and  focus on what is most important to you. Try to build more solidified relationships with those who have given you unconditional positive reinforcement.

Humble yourself, and take an honest inventory of friends and loved ones who have supported you throughout the years. Take it a step further. Write those people in your life a letter of appreciation, or give them a call saying, “Thank you for being a good friend, or a loyal person in my life.”  Tell them that “you care about them”.  Think back of what they have done for you in the past, and share with them your sincere gratitude.  When you communicate openly and freely, you are forming deeper connections that make the quality of your relationships more meaningful.  The window of opportunity to express how you feel to your friends and loved ones may be open now, and closed one day.  So, "strike while the iron is hot".

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