Hope On A String

"Hope On a String"

The Source of Hope
Exists within ourselves.

Our ability to hope
Is a divine birthright
And is an emotion
That is with each of us
Until our last day on earth.

Connect with your inner power to
Take that string of hope
And allow your
Innate capability for
Raising your consciousness
And grab hold of the
Potential for greater things to come.

This potential alone
Is a reason to keep hoping,
To keep holding on.
Hold on.
Hold on.

Like a corndog on a stick,
Hope can sometimes feel like its
Wrapped around and
hanging on a
Thin and tattered string.

As we feel that
Hope is spreading or wearing thin—
Think of the source of where that even
Smallest amount of hope
Came from.

It comes from your higher power.
and lies within
Your personal power.

Power of choices
To feel hope
Experience hope
Not too much
Not too little
But somewhere in between
That captures
Your inner beliefs and instincts.

The absence of hope
Yields greater risk of a negative outcome.
Hope’s presence in your life
Is a layer of protection for you and those you care about.

Hope is the reason we get up every morning
Even though there may be hard times
And overwhelming chaos.

Hope on a string
Is like
An acrobat
Holding on to dear life
To his circus rope
And with enough
Grace, confidence and faith
He finishes his act
And is relieved he made it.
Now he begins to hope the
next performance will go just as well.

As we live through our lives,
We will meet people who are not hopeful
With themselves,
And are incapable of being hopeful for others.

Their lack of hope
Can rub off on you, steal your pride, and rob your soul.
Don’t let it.

They will try to make you feel empty handed
When they depart.
Don’t get sucked into
This dangerous trap.

Stay grounded
Stay rooted
Envision what could be
Is the presence of hope.

Don’t let others
Warped beliefs
Throw you off your focus
To maintain your healthy attitude.

Keep praying,
Continue asking how things could be better,
and share your hopefulness with others.
Connect with
People who are hopeful,
People who know how to lift you up
in your darkest moments.
Cling to those who truly care
About the well-being of others.

Socially from these hopefuls
Is a self-fulfilled prophecy
For dissapointment and lonliness.
Detachment pulls you away from
Living long
Living fully
And living truly.

On a very pure
And conscious level,
Imagine your string
Your string of hope
Floating mid air
On a spindle
Twisting and turning
At the speed of light

And as the string quickly spins,
Watch your string
Turn into a rope.
Tie a knot
And hang on to your hope.

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