Giving Away Your Power

It’s ok to cry, but it’s not ok to crumble”-Betty Ford

Giving away your power is a learned behavior.
It must be unlearned today.
Keep your power and give yourself tough love.
Be tough on yourself to break this habit.
Not listening to your gut instincts,
Making a choice against your better judgement,
Allowing yourself to wallow in self-pity
Are all examples of giving away your power.
When you have a craving to give in to a bad behavior, rainbow
Do something else.
Choose new interests to make your mind
Produce new thoughts--
Repetition of healthy thinking
Leads to:
better choices,
A brighter self-concept,
Improved behavior
And a more successful life-style.

When you get sucked into a vacuum of negative thought patterns--
That’s an example of giving away your power.
You have the free will
To change those thoughts today.

Let’s say you’re feeling anxious,
And insecure thoughts are infiltrating your mind.
One thought, and then another, and then another…..
There’s so many now,
You may have forgotten which was the first thought that got you into this mental state.
Losing control of your thoughts
Is a form of giving away your power.
When you give away your power,
it is you, and only you
who is giving it away.
The good news is that this is something you do have control over.
Don’t let the anxiety take front and center stage in your life.
Don’t let it take control of you.
You take control of the anxiety.
That’s taking back your power.
You are the boss of your emotions.
Don’t let anxiety win.
Not on your watch.

Find that place of strength within you
That’s waiting to be discovered,
And make that change.
Here’s the key:
Your need for change must be greater than your landscape
Desire to repeat your undesired thoughts or behaviors.
Once you acquire the motivation for change then
Change will come.
Make associations with your desired outcome with some form of incentive.

For example, the preservation of your personal self-worth
is far more important than continuing to be victimized
in an unhealthy relationship.
Feelings of low self-esteem, desperation and dependence
Can put a person in a vulnerable position to fall into the hands of a predator or an abuser.
It’s so easy to avoid facing up to the painful reality
of how a toxic relationship can
throw a person’s well-being way off balance.
When you realize you’re doing all the work to “fix” the relationship,
And you begin to see the unfairness of how you’ve been treated---
You have acknowledged that you’ve been
giving away your power.
But when you can learn to
Take a stand,
Speak your mind,
Be comfortable to be yourself , and express yourself freely
Without fear of criticism or conflict,
You are taking back your power.

When you take back your power,
You are simplifying your life and your relationships.
You are gaining a more positive outlook on future prospects,
And letting go of a way of being that no longer serves you well.
When you take back your power,
You can push yourself up and instead of being pushed down.
You can put yourself up instead of being put down.

When you take back your power,
You are giving yourself back something
That has always belonged to you.
Keep it.
Protect it.
It’s yours.


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