Feeling Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Let’s face it. When we are born, we essentially enter the world alone (unless you’re a twin). When we die, we go to the next place alone (at least that we know of). I’d like to think that there are guardian angels watching over us on our journey to heaven.

When we brush our teeth, we brush them on our own by the time we are grown ups. Nobody except ourselves will us out of bed to start each day. It is us and only us who lullaby ourselves into a state of slumber each night.

We surround ourselves with others to create bonds, connections, attachments, new experiences, memories, entertainment and excitement. The activities we partake in with others always have a beginning, middle and end. When it’s time to part, and say goodbye, and you’re driving home alone, how much are you loving the skin you’re in?

If your answer is: not very much, then you may be struggling with issues such as: anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, poor self-confidence or insecurity.

Bottom line here is that everyday we are alive, we have the incredible opportunity to:

  • love ourselves a little bit more
  • go easier on ourselves
  • achieve greater self-acceptance
  • simplify
  • let go
  • just be in the moment
  • celebrate our authenticity

Some extremely effective strategies to get more comfortable being yourself are:

  • yoga
  • meditation
  • nature walks
  • playing with your pet
  • journaling
  • healthy nutrition
  • drinking adequate amounts of water
  • staying physically active
  • talking out problems, and creating tangible solutions

We are not just bodies. We are souls. We are minds.

We must care for our mind, body and soul collectively to get more comfortable in the skin we’re in.

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