Creating Newness In Your Life

Remember it’s never too late to transform your beliefs, unlearn learned behaviors, modify assumed attitudes, and relinquish mindless ideals.

Create new.

Create a blank slate so you can implement healthy, productive and positive patterns of thought that lead to better choices of how you live your life.

If you have to start from scratch, so be it.

If you don’t like the way you are behaving now, note that is not working for you.

You could say a mantra like,  “This is not how I want to life my life.” ...Am I fulfilling my life’s purpose? ...What will my legacy be one day? ...Am I learning the life lessons that are my rite of passage ? ...Are the choices I am making lead to a life better lived?  ...Is the way I'm living is meeting  my standards, or does it fall below?

Rate your level of passion for what you want to achieve with:

10 being the most passionate ,  and 1 being the least

***Is what you have passion for reflecting how you are living your life? If so, continue to stay on the road to self-actualization, and allow your actions to reflect your passions.

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