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Interracial Couple

I'm a Low Key Gal in a High Tech World

"I'm a Low-Key Gal Living in a High-Tech World"

There is to be much more fun
before my time is done.

I feel there is more...
more to come.

Put my finger on it,
and point to the sun.

This will be my daily mantra.
It's not everyday
you meet a Frank Sinatra.

Off I go
ready or not
to a place unknown
yet holds my lot.

Wrong turn left,
Wrong turn right.
Misguided, misdirected
The blueprint or imprint...
is nowhere is sight.

Figure it out
no choice in the matter.

My thoughts of limits
begin the scatter.
Getting smaller and smaller
in the world at large
Cycles of negativity
are trying to barge.

Free will steps in
takes front and center stage
It's stronger than habit
choosing to turn to a new page.

I look out at the distance
destination I can't see
My heart grows
in the place I want to be.

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